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Birthdate:Nov 27
Location:United States of America
I write. I am horny. I write about being horny. I angst. I write about angsting. I angst about being horny. I write about angsting about being horny...

And I write fanfiction for the TV show Supernatural a lot.

This is a mostly fanish journal, but personal notes and non-fanish things will be sprinkled throughout.

I can be found on a variety of other sites under this name or the misspelling IsaacSaphire.

Interests (18):

anime, black jewels, boondock saints, breaking benjamin, broslash, dark jewels, hurty objects, p0rn, porn, pr0n, prettyboys, sharp shinny objects, slash, spn, supernatural, the killers, westmark, women's erotica
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